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Concept Of MochaJS And ChaiJS In Selenium

What Is Mocha And Chai ?

Mocha is a javascript test framework that runs tests on NodeJS and in the browser.It provides a modular way to write a structured code for testing the applications by classifying them into test suites and test cases modules for execution and produces a precise test report.

To enhance code reusability Mocha provides some kinds of hooks (before,after,beforeEach,afterEach,beforeAll,afterAll).

It comes in the form of a Node package via 'npm' supporting a set of JavaScript assertion libraries.

Mocha is compatible for Chai which is an assertion library.

Mocha has two modes for running tests,either by command line(CLI) or programmatically(Mocha API).But we will be further focusing on CLI method.

How to Install and Setup Mocha-Chai ?

Prerequisites :​​

Install Selenium JavaScript setup on an editor  => Follow Guide

Installing Mocha-Chai Via NPM

  • Open VS code,go to the File,click on Open folder.

  • Now browse to that project folder where setup has done for selenium javascript(In my case it's SeleniumJS.) to open it in editor.

  • Open terminal in the editor.

  • Navigate to the project folder directory using 'cd' command.

  • To install mocha-chai,run command : 'npm install mocha chai'.

  • Wait for the installation.

  • Once installed,the package.json file would be updtaed with newly added dependencies which are for mocha and chai.

  • Also,mocha and chai libraries would be added in .bin folder of package node_modules.

  • Now mocha-chai setup has been done.

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