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Create A New Request(GET) In Postman

Steps To Create New Request In Postman

We should save our requests in collections when using Postman.So,before creating any request first let's create a collection in Postman :

  • Click on 'Collections' in the Sidebar section.

  • Click on '+' icon,give a meaningful name to your collection,like 'First Collection'.

Your collection has been created.Now let's create a request within this collection,we are using 'GET' http method type here for making the request :

  • Go to your 'Collection'.

  • Click on the three dots and select option 'Add Request' by clicking on it.

  • Enter a meaningful request name and select http method,like 'FirstAPITest'.

  • Enter a valid request URL(like and click on 'Save'.

  • Request has been created now.

  • To run the request,click on 'Send'.

  • Response will be visible in response section.

  • Finally we have created and run the request successfully.

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