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Download And Install Postman On Windows

Steps To Download And Install Postman On Windows

Postman tool can be installed in two ways :

  • As a Standalone Application

  • As a Chrome Extension

And here we'll discuss the 'Standalone' method in detail as it supports all the features that the native app has.

Download Postman

  • Go to ''

  • Choose your platform : Mac/Windows/Linux

  • If you are using windows then there is an option for downloading 32-bit system and 64-bit system then select your system type and proceed with 'Download'.


  • Once .exe file is downloaded,installation process begins automatically.

  • There's no further steps for installing.

  • After completion,it will open the window of Postman tool automatically. 

  • Once you have the application window up, click on 'Skip and go to the app'.Alternatively you can sign up for it.

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