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Git Installation And Setup On Windows

How To Install And Setup Git On Windows ?

Steps :

  • Once downloaded,go to the folder where it would be stored.

  • Double-click on the installer.

  • It will pop-up a wizard screen for Git setup.

  • Proceed with Next.

  • Here will be an option to keep your Git installation in a folder,you can browse to select a folder or just keep it with default one and move to Next.

  • In Select Components,move to Next with default selections.

  • Again,move to Next in 'Select Start Menu Folder'.

  • Now,choose 'Notepad++ as Git's default Editor' and then Next.

  • Go with the default one i.e. 'Git from the command line and also from the 3rd party software',and then Next.

  • Again,don't change the default selection of option 'Use the Open SSL library' and move to Next.

  • Here also,proceed Next with deafault selected option i.e. 'Checkout Windows-style,commit-Unix style line endings'.

  • Select 'Use MinTTY(the default terminal of MSYS2)' and then Next.

  • Choose 'Default(fast-forward or merge)' and click on Next.

  • Choose 'Git Credential Manager' as a credential helper and proceed to Next.

  • Enable file system caching and go with Next.

  • No need to check any experimental option,so just simply click on Install.

  • Now,installation begins,it will take a while to complete it.

  • Wait for few minutes.

  • Once done,click on Finish.

  • Let's verify if the installation has done properly for Git.Open cmd,type 'git' and hit the 'Enter' button.It would display the following output :

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destination folder.png
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start menu.png
default editor.png
path envir.png
http trans backend.png
line ending.png
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git pull.png
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expe opt.png
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