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Setup Guide

Install And Setup Java

How To Install Java And Setup With ?

Follow these steps to install Java And Setup :

  • Setup Environment Variable for Java

    • Once extracted, a root folder would take place there which will have other sub folders and file like jdk, bin and so on...

    • Copy the full path to the JDK.

    • In my case it's 'C:\Java\jdk'.

    • Now on windows, go to the Environment variables and under the System variables, click on New that will pop the input fields.

    • Enter Variable name as 'JAVA_HOME' and enter the copied jdk path at Variable value.

    • Click on OK to save all the changes.

    • Again in System variables, edit path variable as '%JAVA_HOME%\bin' and save all the changes.

  • To verify the java installation, run command 'java --version' on the terminal.

system variable.png
jdk path.png
path variable.png
jdk bin.png
java version.png
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