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Install And Setup Java With Eclipse

Steps To Install Java And Setup With Eclipse

Download and install Java on your system.

To check the java version installed on your system,run command 'java --version' in command prompt.

Setup Environment Variable for Java

In PC, search for System Environment and click on it.

Under Advanced Setting of System Properties go to the Environment Variables .


Now in System Variable click on New ,it pops a box in which provide variable name as 'JAVA_HOME' and in variable value pass the JDK path from directory and save the changes.

Now JAVA_HOME variable would be displayed in System Variable.

Edit the 'path'  variable and create a new path as '%JAVA_HOME%\bin'  then save the changes by clicking OK .

The path has been set.

To check it just open command prompt and run command “java --version” , if below message is displayed then it's been set successfully :

java version cmd.png
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