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Locators In Selenium

What Are Locators?

Locators are used to identify the elements ( say Text Box, Buttons, Check Boxes etc) on web page and to perform the actions. Identification of correct GUI elements is a prerequisite for creating an automation script. 


What Are The Different Types Of Locators?

  • id

  • name

  • className

  • linkText

  • partialLinkText

  • tagName

  • xpath

  • cssSelector

How To Locate Elements Using Locators?

  • To locate an element of a web page,first we have to access the DOM of that page.

  • For accessing the DOM,right-click anywhere within the page and select the inspect option.

  • A Developer Tools window will be opened with the default tab Elements.

  • In DOM,hovering the mouse over the HTML tags will highlight it's associated web element on the web page.

  • To inspect a web element,first enable the mouse icon in DOM and then select a web element on the web page.It will automatically highlight the associated HTML element in the DOM.

  • Selenium provides 'By' class for locating web elements.Following are the syntax for different-different locators :

Id --- ("Value of id");

Name ---"Value of 'name' attribute");

Class Name ---

By.className("Name of the class");

Link Text ---

By.linkText("Text between anchor<a>text</a> tag");

Partial Link Text ---

By.partialLinkText("Subtext of text between anchor tag");

Tag Name ---

By.tagName("Name of the tag");

CSS Selector ---


Xpath ---


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