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Postman Tutorial

Download And Install Postman On Windows

How To Download And Install Postman On Windows ?

Postman tool can be installed in two ways :
  • As a Standalone Application

  • As a Chrome Extension

And here we'll discuss the 'Standalone' method in detail as it supports all the features that the native app has.

Follow below steps to download and install Postman on windows :

Download Postman
  • Choose your platform : Mac/Windows/Linux

  • If you are using windows then there is an option for downloading 32-bit system and 64-bit system then select your system type and proceed with 'Download'.

  • Once .exe file is downloaded,installation process begins automatically.

  • There's no further steps for installing.

  • After completion, it will open the window of Postman tool automatically.

  • Once you have the application window up, click on 'Skip and go to the app'. Alternatively, you can sign up for it.

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