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Selenium JavaScript Installation And Setup

How To Setup Selenium With JavaScript?

Prerequisites :

  • Download Node.js and NPM zip from here :

  • Extract it at some location.

  • Set environment variable for extracted folder(Copy the full path of node.js folder,goto system properties environment variable,edit path variable in system variables and paste the path there.).

To verify installation of -

1. Node.js : Run command "node -v".

2. NPM : Run command "npm -v".

  • Install a code editor (VS code recommended).

Steps to Setup Selenium with JavaScript :

  • Open VS code(or any other editor).

  • Create a new project folder(SeleniumJS) in the workspace.

  • Open terminal in the editor.

  • Navigate to that created directory using 'cd' command.

  • Initialize the project folder using the command - "npm init -y" (Here '-y' is optional and is used to skip the description).

--> It will create a 'package.json' file within the project folder which contains description about dependencies,versions and other details.

  • Install selenium webdriver using command - "npm install selenium-webdriver".

--> A library named 'node_modules' will be added to your project folder which contains essential libraries for automation.

  • Install drivers for web browsers using command -"npm install chromedriver".

--> 'chromedriver' library will be added in node_modules.

  • Setup has done successfully.

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