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Selenium NPM Tutorial

Selenium Test In Mocha-Chai Framework

How To Write A Selenium Test In Mocha-Chai Framework ?

Prerequisites :
Install mocha-chai setup => Follow Guide
To construct a selenium test in mocha-chai framework follow these steps :
  • Open VS code,go to the File, click on Open folder.

  • Now browse to that project folder where setup has done for mocha-chai(In my case it's SeleniumJS.) to open it in editor.

  • Under the folder SeleniumJS, create a new folder as 'tests'.

  • Create a new .js file as 'Mocha_Chai_Test.js' within folder tests.

  • Use 'describe() ' function to structure a test suite.

  • Under the function 'describe() ', create multiple different-different test cases using the function 'it() '.

  • To run -

    • Navigate to the folder tests,

    • And then use command " npx mocha --no-timeouts 'filename.js' ", i.e. " npx mocha --no-timeouts 'Mocha_Chai_Test.js' ".

Creating a simple test using mocha-chai :

Output :

Creating test cases using mocha hooks :
Output :

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