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TestNG Tutorial

TestNG Test Suite

What Is A Test Suite ?

Test suite is just a collection of testNG tests. In test suite multiple tests can be run in one execution. We can run our classes through test suite. ​ Create and Run TestNG Test Suite TestNG requires a testNG XML file to run a test suite or we can say test suite is repersented by a testng.xml file. Here is a requirement of a .xml file to achieve test suite. ​ 1. Creating TestNG XML :
Right-click on the project, go through 'New' and select 'File'. ​
​ Name the file as 'testng.xml' . ​

Now XML file will be in your project. ​

​ ​

​2. Running a testNG class through test suite/testng.xml :
<suite> This tag can be given any name. <test> This tag can be given any name. <classes> It contains a set of classes. <class> This is the combination of package name and class name. ​ Right-click on the .xml file, go with 'Run as' then click on 'TestNG Suite' . ​ ​
Assume that a tesNG class 'SimpleTest' has been created within testNGexamples package. Now we have to execute this class through a test suite.
Example of a Test Suite =>

<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "" > <suite name="Test-Suite"> <test name="TestNG Demo"> <classes> <class name="testNGexamples.SimpleTest"></class> </classes> </test> </suite>

Output :
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