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Git Tutorial

Connect Remote Repository To Git Local Repository

How To Connect Git Repository With GitHub ?

  • Open GitBash.

  • Navigate to git repository that needs to be linked with GitHub.

  • Check status.

  • Enter command ' git remote ' to check if any repository is linked.

  • Now, enter command to link Git with GitHub, i.e. ' git remote add <name> <repo url> '.

  • Here, name can be defined by user and repo url is the full url of the GitHub Repository.

  • In my case, I'm using 'origin' as a name and my repo url is '', so command will be : ' git remote add origin '.

  • Again check remote staus, i.e. ' git remote '.

  • Here, you can see it's showing repository name, i.e. 'origin'.

  • Git has been linked successfully.

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