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Postman Tutorial

Introduction To Postman

What Is Postman In API Testing ?

Postman is a standalone software testing API tool to build, test,design, modify, and document APIs. It acts like a Graphic User Interface between a couple of applications and establishes a connection between them and for sending, observing and viewing HTTP requests and responses.

One doesn't need to write any HTTP client network code even, we build test suites called 'collections' and let Postman interact with the API. In this tool, almost all functionality that any developer may need is embedded.

Postman has a large community and can be integrated with the continuous integration and either continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CI/CD) and with Newman or Collection Runner as well. We can create one or more environments in Postman. Thus, a single collection can be used with various configurations and also provides the option to import/export environments and collections, enabling easy file sharing.

Postman console allows debugging test steps effectively and helps to track what is being retrieved and Postman can be easily used by just downloading it.

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