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JMeter Tutorial

JMeter Sampler

What Is Sampler In Jmeter ?

Sampler is a JMeter component that is used to send specific types of requests to a server. It is added as a child element of thread groups. It is must to add a sampler in test plan as it lets the JMeter know what type of request need to send to a server. Once the request is proceesed by the server, its response is returned to JMeter and the same can be viewed and analyzed in terms of different performance parameters like response time, Hits per second, throughput, etc.

A complete list of samplers are given here :

  • Flow Control Action

  • HTTP Request

  • Debug Sampler

  • JSR223 Sampler

  • AJP/1.3 Sampler

  • Access Log Sampler

  • BeanShell Sampler

  • Bolt Request

  • FTP Request

  • GraphQL HTTP Request

  • JDBC Request

  • JMS Point-to-Point

  • JMS Publisher

  • JMS Subscriber

  • JUnit Request

  • Java Request

  • LDAP Extended Request

  • Mail Reader Sampler

  • OS Process Sampler

  • SMTP Sampler

  • TCP Sampler

But, the widely used samplers are :

How to Add Sampler to Thread Group ?

To add sampler, follow the given steps :

  • Follow the path as : right-click on Thread Group >> hover on Add >> hover on Sampler >> click on required request/sampler

  • An added sampler node would be reflected under the Test Group.

HTTP Request

This sampler is used to send http/https request to the web server.

Below is the control panel of HTTP Request sampler :

  1. Enter the Protocol name.

  2. Enter the Domain Name / IP Address of the web server. Don't include prefix 'http'/'https'.

  3. Select the HTTP Request type. By default it is set to GET.

  4. Enter the Path to the resource

Note : If you want to send multiple requests to the same web server, consider using HTTP Request Defaults Configuration Element, so you don't have to enter the same information for each http request.

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