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Cypress Tutorial

Cypress Installation And Setup

How To Install And Setup Cypress ?

Prerequisites :
  • Download Node.js and NPM zip from here :

  • Extract it at some location.

  • Set environment variable for extracted folder =>

    • Copy the full path to node.js folder, goto system properties environment variable, edit path variable in system variables and paste the path there.​

  • To verify installation of -

1. Node.js : Run command "node -v".

2. NPM : Run command "npm -v".

  • Install a code editor (VS code recommended).

Steps to Setup Cypress in VS code(or an editor) :
  • Open VS code(or any other editor).

  • Create a new project folder(CypressAutomation) in the workspace.

  • Open terminal in the editor.

  • Navigate to that created directory using 'cd' command.

  • Initialize the project folder using command - 'npm init -y' (Here '-y' is optional and is used to skip the description).

--> It will create a 'package.json' file within the project folder which contains description about dependencies,versions and other details.

  • Install cypress using command - 'npm install cypress'.

--> A library named 'node_modules' will be added to your project folder which contains bundled cypress packages.

  • Run command 'npx cypress open'.

  • On running this command, if terminal displays a mesaage as ''chcp' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.' then, don't be worried, you just have to setup environment variable for chcp :

    • chcp is located in the sub folder 'System32' under Windows folder of C drive i.e. 'C:\Windows\System32'.

    • To set environment variable, copy the path to chcp (In my case it's 'C:\Windows\System32').

    • Goto the System Properties, click on Environment Variables.

    • Under System variables, click on path variable and proceed with Edit.

    • Now, click on New and paste the copied path there.

    • Click on OK to save the changes.

    • To verify it,open cmd and type 'chcp',it will show you an active status, if done successfully.

Steps to Configure and Run a Test in Cypress :
  • When 'npx cypress open' command is run, a cypress welcome page window will be poped-up.

  • Click on 'E2E' testing to configure.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on 'Continue'.

  • Choose your preferred browser and click on 'start E2E testing'.

  • Cypress dashboard window will be displayed on screen which contains UI for your project folder.

  • Under the Specs option, click on 'Create new empty spec'.

  • Keep the default path and click on 'Create Spec' , then click on 'Okay, run the spec'.

  • Test is executing, you can see it in below screenshot :

Run Cypress Test using Command Prompt :
  • Navigate to the project folder using 'cd' command.

  • Your project hierarchy will look like this in VS Code :


  • Run command 'npx cypress open'.

  • Run the test by running command : ' npx cypress run --spec "cypress/e2e/filename.js" ', i.e. 'npx cypress run --spec "cypress/e2e/" '

  • If test is run using cmd, it will record the video of test execution by default which will store within your project folder inside ..\cypress\videos.


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