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Cypress Tutorial

First Test In Cypress

How To Write First Test In Cypress ?

In Cypress, we refer test file as 'spec file' and spec files are saved with '.cy.js' extension. E.g.
To write a cypress test, here are some basic requirements and steps to be followed :

Prerequisites :​

=> Familiar to JavaScript programming.

=> Install and setup Cypress => Follow Guide

Steps to write a Cypress test :
  • Open VS code(or any other editor).

  • Navigate to the project folder(CypressAutomation), where you have done setup for Cypress.

  • Under this project folder, create a new spec file named '' inside the directory cypress/e2e.

  • As Cypress is oriented on Mocha framework so, test will be written in 'describe() and it()' pattern.

    • In the first line describe your test suite. => describe('First Spec', function() {} )

    • Next define your test.

* To navigate through an url cypress has a function cy.visit("write url here") .

it('run', function() {



  • Spec file will look like this :

  • To run the spec file, open terminal -

    • Run command : npx cypress open

    • And, then run command : npx cypress run --spec "cypress/e2e/"

  • The displayed output would be :

  • Recorded video output :

  • To disable video recording, run command : npx cypress run --config video=false --spec "cypress/e2e/"

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